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Where is the SSID that I just configured?

I was playing in my lab today and ran into an issue where my Aruba access point would not advertise my newly created SSID on my local controller. I started digging around and first noticed my AP was up but  was flagged inactive:


Next I checked to see if that access point was advertising a bss:


The next step was to check and see if I had any profile errors:


And there is the problem.  I configured my VLAN on my master controllers but forgot about the locals.  As soon as I added VLAN 100 to my local I could see  and connect to my SSID:


The point of this story is to not get in a hurry when configuring your controllers and make sure your networking config is solid on your local controllers.


CWNA – PoE – PD Classification and Usage

PD Classification

CWNA – PoE – PSE Power Chart

The things we have to memorize:

PSE Power Chart